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Ny fremtid for fransk trav og galopp
Black Postet 24.01.2018 10:36 Regnskap

EpiqE Tracking system blir innført i Frankrike på selveste Prix d'Amérique dagen. Det blir en helt ny måte å følge løpene på i Frankrike. Et eldorado for folk som elsker å grave seg ned i detaljer som blir tilgjengelig. Artikkelen  under fra LeTrot er maskinoversatt fra fransk til engelsk .


With these words, President LeTROT Dominique de Bellaigue comments on the arrival of the EpiqE Tracking system. The app is available for download now and the first images on TF1, LCI and Equidia will be discovered at the Prix d'Amérique Sunday. The result of the joint work of LeTROT, France Galop, the PMU, the National Federation of Equine Racing and Equidia, through their common brand EpiqE, the EpiqE Tracking system offers a new look at horse racing. Thanks to a unique technology in the world, with its accuracy of 25cm (a degree of precision still unmatched in the world of sport), EpiqE Tracking revolutionizes the way to follow the sport of horse racing. Symbol of this innovation, the GPS sensor, placed on each competitor of the big races and on which this technological feat relies, weighs less than 150 grams and transmits in real time for each competitor engaged, 10 data per second.

How to take advantage of EpiqE Tracking?

The application is available and downloadable for any type of smartphone. As for the TV dressing, it will be visible on TF1, LCI and Equidia, as well as on the big screens of racetracks.

More immersion

Young people and the public to conquer will appropriate a new way to follow the big races. More immersive, more precise too, here it is even more playful, in perfect harmony with new uses on all screens, TVs, tablets and smartphones. By the prism of new technologies and game on screen, they will find codes that are dear to them.

More readability

For connoisseurs and fans of horse racing, the volume of data available during the race (on its second screen) and in replay will allow them to refine their analysis more than ever and therefore, for punters, even better target their games. Finally, this 100% French innovation will offer racing professionals a wealth of information and data, sources of sharp debriefings aimed at improving the performance of either their horse or drivers. In real time, more than 20 different statistical data (position, speed, gap between the competitors, accelerations decelerations, time of passage, ...) will be collected and this, 10 times per second.

Learn more

The high accuracy of the positioning offered by the system makes it possible to calculate business data that is contextualized with real-time race events.


transit time 
kilometric reduction projected kilometric reduction


horse with the shortest route 
horse with the longest route 
crossing the "starting line" 
crossing the finish line


position of the horse (latitude, longitude) position in the ranking 
horse orientation (north = 0 °) 
orientation of the horse on the course (projected angle to the rope) 
percentage of progression of the horse in the course


distance traveled from the start 
instant distance to the horse's rope  average distance to the horse's rope 


instantaneous speed of the horse 
peak speed of the horse 
average speed of the horse 
mileage reduction 
 projected mileage reduction  acceleration / deceleration smoothed over 1 second


distance from the horse to the first  gap of the horse with his previous 


distance from the horse to the first  gap of the horse with his previous

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